Survive and Thrive: Your Six-Month Communications Plan

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Are you dwelling on the impacts of change or looking at potential opportunities for your business?

Are you building a remote working culture or managing it as a temporary fix?

And if your team cannot be physically present, are you building bridges to keep them on board or finding it difficult to prevent them drifting away?

Rather than focusing on the impacts of change and your business’s response, flip your thinking to see the opportunities being created.

Why survive when you can thrive?

Your six-month communications plan

To carry your business forward in a post-pandemic world, you need stories that help your people navigate the present.

That build resilience and help people adapt to change.

And that show people how you are making a difference.

By creating a toolkit of communications six months in advance, you can deliver consistent communications that reinforce your company values and bring people together.

For your employees, you are providing continuous assurance that you are supporting their needs.

And for your clients, you are being transparent about how you are navigating these challenging times with their interests at heart.

An arsenal of communications means you are prepared to engage with your people, no matter what comes your way.

You will satisfy your executive team with a forward-thinking strategy that delivers regular communications across the company.

And you are allowing your business to bounce back as fast as possible post-pandemic.

So, what communications does your business need over the next six months?

With a proactive communications strategy, you create more opportunities in the long-term while supporting your people in the present.

We’ve put together a guide that you can read and download here.