How to Get the Most Out of Instant Communication for Your Business

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Video streaming.

Zoom calls.

Facebook Live.

You have grown comfortable with new forms of interaction and adjusted to remote working.

Many have readily embraced digital communications and it now feels like the norm.

It puts your people on the same page, so your business can continue working towards your goals.

But is your business making the most of instant communication?

Instant communication connects us while we are cut off from social interaction.

Three Ways Our Clients are Taking Advantage of Instant Communications

1.           Live Announcements

Workplaces may be different, but you can continue communicating with your people as if nothing’s changed.

And social distancing hasn’t stopped us from enjoying Friday work drinks on a Zoom call!

Livestreams and company-wide Zoom calls are bringing remote teams together, nurturing a sense of inclusion among employees.

2.           Leadership Communications

Now is the time to support your people and reinforce your company values.

Working from home arrangements provide a relaxed environment for your employees, allowing you to be more creative with the formality of leadership messaging. If your executive messaging is traditionally relayed by management or one-directionals, new forms of communications can create an open dialogue and sense of empathy.

3.           Long-term integration

Is instant communication a reaction to the current environment, or are you embedding as part of your company culture?

Looking to the future, the next generation of workers will consider instant communication the norm.

So, instead of viewing this technology as a temporary solution, businesses are beginning to see the benefit of integrating instant communication into their long-term business strategy.

And when your company culture reflects the needs of potential talent, you’re giving yourself a competitive advantage come the upswing.