Construction Photography

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Here’s one of our wins from earlier this year.  Our photography made the front cover and article imagery for the Roads and Infrastructure magazine.  This pneumatic (or multi-tyred roller – yes – we know the lingo!) is a beast to see in action, improving safety for spray seal jobs.

Thank you to CAT for getting us involved and for Fulton Hogan and the local council for inducting us onsite.

So what’s the number one mistake for cover photography?

Not allowing enough negative space for text, headers etc and that’s exactly what we planned for on this shoot.  It might seem unusual to photograph plenty of blue sky but that’s what needs to be done to cater for a header graphic or masthead.   This enables the graphic designers to create an appealing layout for text and imagery to draw in the reader.  These images or variations of them should be leveraged across social channels and online media and this places an important role in the planning also.

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