Educational and training videos are an excellent way of demonstrating workflow and communicating with employees. Using video content is an effective training and cost-effective strategy to employ in your organisation. That’s why you should consider working with a skilled and experienced video production company to achieve the best results. Are you looking for a professionally produced instructional video, training video or educational video?

Business Training & Educational Videos

You can use business training and educational videos to substitute face to face teaching. These videos come in various formats, including demo videos, explainer videos, promotional videos, and social media videos. We can help you create training videos, ensuring your employees have easy access to information.

To do this effectively, all we need from you is the objectives, learning outcomes, presentation and training material requirements. Once we have these, we will create a high-quality professional video for your organisation, ensuring viewers enjoy their learning experience. There is no doubt a well-produced training video is a worthwhile investment for any organisation.

Upskill Using Training Videos

Over the years, video production has become an intrinsic part of online courses. Investing in video production services is an excellent investment as you can use the video produced to upskill. Instead of face to face training courses, you can use training videos to teach an online course. This is a convenient way of upskilling.

Most individuals find it easier to retain information from educational video production, and it is also a highly recommended method of upskilling. Video production training simplifies the complex concepts making it easy for everyone to understand the information. Consider investing in training video production to maximise your development and training strategy results, the fastest and most convenient way to upskill.


Effectiveness Of Training And Development To Organisations

  • Retain employees: Training and development initiatives foster loyalty as they help employees establish a sense of value in the organisation, ultimately increasing staff retention.
  • Builds workplace relationships: Allowing employees a chance to refine their skills through training and development programs can help them foster better connections.
  • Developing future leaders: This is an excellent way to target employees with future leadership skills and prepare them for the role.
  • Empowers employees: Leaders who feel empowered at work are more likely to influence employees who, in turn, feel a great sense of autonomy over their work.
  • Improves workplace engagement: Frequent training and development initiatives can significantly improve workplace engagement and prevent idleness.
  • A higher capacity to adopt new technologies and methods: Training and development programs make it easier for employees to adopt new models, processes, and technologies.
  • Increases job satisfaction and morale: Employee training and development can impact career growth, consequently motivating them and increasing their job morale and satisfaction.

Educate, Engage & Train With Video!

Training videos are an excellent investment for organisations. They are time-saving, cost-effective, and an excellent way to pass on information. Whether you want educational videos or need video editing services, Inspireworks can help. It will be our pleasure to work with your organisation.

Does your business need engaging video training content? Inspireworks produces professional, powerful, and effective training videos for teams. Click below to learn more today!

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Educational & Training Videos FAQs

Training videos are essential as you can use them to review topics that have already been taught. Training videos allow employees to access and review the training material as often as they need. These videos are essential because they allow employees to review or replay a course before engaging in a procedure whose training they may not remember vividly.

Training videos are very effective for employees as video learning surpasses in-person learning. Videos are a more effective way for employees to retain the information, and they can always refer back to the material whenever necessary, unlike in-person lectures. Employees can also watch the videos at their pace, and videos are a more effective way of ensuring all employees have access to the information. Lastly, it is easier to understand and digest the information on videos.

Yes, videos are good for learning as the brain responds more quickly to visuals than other information sources. Furthermore, the human sense is ignited by videos in motion, so viewers find it easy to focus, pay attention, and recall the information they got from a video. Therefore, consider investing in videos as learning materials if you haven’t already.

First, you will need to send us a brief of what you want. Next, we will draft a personalised proposal just for you. At Inspireworks, we work collaboratively to bring your idea to life. We will start by designing your production dashboard, including preparation, scripts, success checklist and more. We will then record or animate and edit your video and finally publish it on your preferred channels.

Several factors can influence how much a corporate training video costs. If you are looking for a high-quality corporate training video, please contact us for a quote.

When making a training video, ensure it is easy and quick to understand with relevant and memorable content. Ensure you change shots frequently, make the video engaging, deliberately frame the shots and ensure they have motion and use effects when appropriate. It also helps to ensure the audio is crisp and clear, and the shots are in focus and well lit.