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As one of the most captivating video styles on social media, time-lapse videos are taking the world by storm. By compiling hundreds or even thousands of images or one long video clip into a short video sequence that displays the time at an accelerated rate, time-lapse videos allow for new perspectives that wouldn’t be possible with normal speed filming. By compressing time to a fraction of its original length, time-lapse videos have the potential to present something well-known in an entirely new way.

We capture property developments and construction projects and can setup a timelapse from as short as a single day, to weeks, to longer form timelapses that capture the action over months and even years!

Timelapse video production can be one of the most effective methods to showcase your engineering and construction capabilities within one short, dynamic video.  They’re a powerful tool to accompany tenders to help win future projects as well.   Our video editing and storytelling expertise will turn months of photography still images into the perfect case study for your business.

Whether you want to show the passing of time or give viewers a glimpse into a lofty dream world, time-lapse video production allows for incredible flexibility and creativity. With Inspireworks, you’ll find a team of professionals that are dedicated to producing the highest quality videos possible. We know what it takes to make your project stand out from the rest, and we’re prepared to bring your vision to life!

What’s most important is that our clients feel comfortable working with us. At Inspireworks, we won’t push you into anything that you’re not comfortable with, and we’ll work hard to make sure that your vision is maintained throughout the production process. We want you to be able to relax and know that our team has everything under control, so whether it’s a time-lapse video making production or another type of video service for your business, Inspireworks will deliver.


What is a Time lapse Video?

At its core, a lapse video is one that documents the passage of time by compressing long periods into short segments. Capturing and editing these videos requires extra attention to detail and plenty of patience, but if done correctly, the results can be spectacular – and we know just how to do it. Using specialised equipment and the right techniques, we'll work with you to create a flawless video that brings your idea to life.

How to Use Time-lapses

Time-lapse videos are a powerful marketing tool that can be used in many different situations. With the right video editing process, we're able to produce a video that works with your situation and helps you achieve your goals. Here are some of our most popular uses for time-lapse videos:

1) Product Demonstrations

As one of the most engaging ways to help potential customers visualise what they'll be getting, time-lapse videos can capture even complex products in a way that speaks to viewers. time-lapse video production gives you the chance to show your product in a way that's attractive and appealing but also informative.

2) Document a Construction Project from Start to Finish

Construction projects can take a long time to complete, which is often why they get overlooked. By speeding up the process and compressing it into a short video sequence, time-lapse videos give viewers a chance to see what's been built from start to finish without ever having to visit the site in person.

3) Show Off an Event from Start to Finish

Conference venues often use time-lapse videos to capture an entire event from start to finish with incredible efficiency. From an empty venue, to bump-in, through to a packed event time-lapse video production techniques will help you create a beautiful montage of people coming together for an unforgettable experience.

4) Promote an Event

By showcasing an event in a time-lapse video, you're giving potential attendees a preview of what they can expect. Highlighting the unique features of your event and making it as exciting as possible is often enough to inspire those who might have been on the fence about attending.

5) New Business or Product Launch

A new business or product is almost always accompanied by a launch event. With the right marketing team, however, these events can be transformed into something much more memorable – and time-lapse video production plays a big part in that. By combining images or footage of people gathering to see your product or service, you'll create an intriguing launch video that will get people excited about what you're offering.

6) Behind the Scenes Footage

Whether it's a look at how your product is manufactured or an in-depth look at your business, time-lapses can give your viewers a chance to take a peek behind the curtain. Because these videos feature candid footage that shows off the interesting features of what you do, they're guaranteed to add a personal touch and help you connect with your audience on a new level.

7) Cityscape Footage

Cityscapes are among the most popular types of time-lapse videos, as they're able to convey a number of different emotions and feelings about a specific place. These videos make it possible to capture everything from sunrises to sunsets to busy intersections and bustling city streets – and we can help you craft all of this into a fantastic video that's sure to be unforgettable.


What’s involved with Timelapse videos?

Often we’ll attend to do a site inspection to advise the best options for camera installation. Whether it’s one camera or multiple cameras, we have all the mounts, poles and concrete blocks to install the timelapse so it’s safe and secure for the period of the project. These options cover every scenario from inner city to vacant greenfield sites.

Importantly, you’ll receive your own login to our unique, private and secure online portal where you can check the timelapse cameras 24/7, from anywhere in the world! We can even provide login credentials to other stakeholders approved by you.

Our remote timelapse camera units run on the latest 5G technology and are powered by solar. So we can even install your next timelapse camera in regional settings and remote locations.

Capture all the Action as it Happens

Whether you're looking to showcase your product, document a construction project or show off an event from start to finish, time-lapse videos can help you do that in ways that are engaging and informative. There's no time like the present – contact us today for more information on how we can craft a unique and memorable video with our team of experts.

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Time-lapse Videos FAQs

Time-lapse is a technique that cinematographers use to shorten the length of time between shots. It does this by making the individual frames in an image last longer. The outcome, if done right, can make time look like it's moving faster than it really is.

Our experienced video editors rely on time-lapse video production techniques that are proven to get the job done. This includes using the camera's shutter speed to control how often images are captured, which can vary depending on what type of time-lapse video is being shot. Shorter timelapses often require more regular images or during times where the action is condensed. Our unique software with remote access control can cater for this.

Depending on the image capture interval you are using, one hour of time-lapse video could feature thousands of images, so the final output is around 10 seconds. Alternatively, if you want to have a 1/2 second output, that would be around 20 images per second.

Time-lapse videos are typically between 10 seconds and up to 5 minutes long. However, the longer the time-lapse video, the more images need to be captured for it to work. We plan it with you to ensure there is enough image capture during periods of frequent action.

Using an image capture interval of 5 seconds would mean around 150 images are captured, so that would result in a 5-minute time-lapse video featuring 1200 images.

Time-lapse videos are generally shot using DSLR cameras or high-end video cameras with custom mounting and specific software. A solar panel and 5G sim card provides power and internet connectivity to the device. The video editors at our studio use modern broadcast-quality software to compile the images into a time-lapse. Once compiled, they are combined with an electronic soundtrack, voice-over or music as well as graphics to help convey the story. This is then mastered into a final product ready for broadcast and online distribution.

We produce Time-lapse videos in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart. We have operated our time-lapse cameras in regional and remote locations across Australia as well. Get in touch with us to explore your next timelapse location.

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