Just as radio didn’t kill the television, the internet has not killed TV. Free-to-air broadcasting and TV advertising in Australia is driving revenue for the businesses that continue to invest in TV commercial production.

Why?  Because the streaming services and catch-up channels will never access all the live programming we see on TV. Free-to-air channels continue to invest in live news, live sports and reality entertainment.

This platform allows advertisers to easily reach hundreds of thousands of viewers within their local city or across all major cities.  The main benefits of TV commercial investment are

  • Brand awareness (driven by frequency) and;
  • Direct sales (driven by a call-to-action).

Many viewers watch TV accompanied by another device such as their mobile, iPad or laptop.  This enables viewers to pick up the phone or send an enquiry via your website. More importantly, many will follow your social media profiles which is another enabler for ongoing communication and engagement.

The great news for your business is that the cost of TV commercial videos has decreased in recent years, so too has the cost of media buying across all major networks.  Building your business profile and reaching new audiences with television advertising is an important ingredient to your overall promotional and marketing strategy. Now is the right time to create your TV commercial to drive sales and revenue growth.

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How Do We Create Commercial Videos?

1. Your business and your target market

We invest time understanding your business and more importantly, the audience you wish to reach. Australian TV broadcast networks understand their audiences well. Audience demographics and viewership change across different programs. Realising who we’re targeting enables your campaign to be run strategically, in order to reach the right people at the right time.  

This means you can make smart, targeted, data-driven decisions around the media buying schedule of your TV commercial. Getting the right advice ensures that not one dollar is wasted. 

2. Story and concept design

Once we know who we’re talking to and what we want to say, our team of creatives present a story and concept based on the suggested running time of your TV commercial.  This may come in the form of

  • A draft script
  • A mood board or storyboard

Most ads run for either 15, 30 or 60 seconds so the creative needs to be quick, sharp and engaging. Great story concepts for television advertising create cut-through when you’re vying for audience attention.

3. Pre-production

Once the story is approved by you, we submit the script for pre-approval to ClearAds to ensure your messaging meets the Australian classification and broadcast standards.

In the pre-production stage, we undertake the planning required to make your TVC happen as per the script and storyboard. Whether it’s animation or live-action, the pre-production stage is the foundation of a successful end product.

4. Production

Lights, camera, action! Animation, filming, voiceover recording, graphics, sound design are just some of the typical elements involved in the Production stage of TV commercial videos. This is where the storyboard begins to come to life!

5. Editing and Post-production

Bringing it all together is the role of the Video Editor, overseen by the Director of the project.  TVC production companies all use a range of contemporary software and hardware facilities to compile a product that must meet the criteria for broadcast standards. If these technical requirements are not met, broadcasters will not air your TVC. So partnering with the right production company that understands these requirements is essential. These requirements are not the same as YouTube.

6. Approvals

Once initial approval from the client has been received (the client should absolutely love it by now), the final approval requires submission to ClearAds. The media buying placement is front of mind for TVC production companies at this stage. The commercial needs to be approved and “good to go” prior to the Ad’s scheduled run.

7. Showtime

With an approved television commercial now is the time to send to the pre-arranged networks via satellite distribution or FTP.  If you’re unsure about what these mean don’t worry – a quality TV commercial production provider will ensure this happens. Once the approved TVC arrives at its destination after meeting the broadcaster’s quality standards, your program will start presenting to thousands!

Bring Your Brand to Life with TV Video Marketing

Within your purview is multiple marketing channels.  Deciding on the mix for visual communication and TV video marketing is an important decision.

Building your brand and increasing your visibility to television audiences is an important strategy that has worked for thousands of businesses over the decades. Developing a TV video marketing campaign involves:

  • Understanding television audience metrics
  • Understanding online distribution channels and maximising their search potential
  • Developing a campaign where online and offline complement each other to achieve your goals.
  • Finding the right Video Production company to guide you through from concept to completion

The best way to start your TV video marketing journey, is to outline what you want to achieve and bring your Video Production and Advertising specialist in early to help you develop and execute on a strategy.

The right TV and online commercial production can make a significant difference to your bottom line.

Television Advertising Australia

Australian audiences have sung along to some of the most famous ad campaigns and quoted famous lines. Think “Not happy Jan” or “Where the bloody hell are you?” campaigns. Commercial ads have been etched into the Australian psyche and went viral before viral was a thing.

So what is it that makes our local audiences tick? Well, Television Advertising Australia is unique to international markets and requires a local approach to local audiences. Australians are natural storytellers and love a clever ad that “spins a yarn”. We believe that some of the best advertising campaigns on commercial television in this country have not been seen yet.

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It’s always a pleasure to work with our wonderful clients who help build up the community.   We love handling the techy, time-consuming stuff so you can get on with what you do best.  Enjoy our portfolio of work.

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TVC Production FAQs

TV commercials build trust between businesses and consumers. Once you’ve considered who your audience is and what you want to say, the best way to make a TV commercial is to contact a professional TVC production company. You may find suppliers in any city or some larger regional areas but Inspireworks can film and produce television commercials, anywhere in Australia.

A commercial video is a bespoke, visual communication piece, designed and delivered for a for-profit enterprise. Commercial video could have a number of objectives such as lead nurturing and lead generation, brand awareness, increased customer loyalty and engagement, increased sales, improved productivity, advice and education, among many others.

Depending on the concept, the cost to film a 30-second commercial is more affordable than you think! Once we have a chat with you we can understand the logistics and possible concept ideas that will lead to a budget range. We are happy to provide a budget range at no cost to you. Simply get in touch with us today.

To make a TV commercial you need to develop a story, create a vision, develop that vision on the page and then execute that vision with broadcast equipment. Beyond the technical process is the broadcast approval process which is an important step. We can undertake this for you to make it as easy as possible at each step of the journey.

A TV commercial production is a process of making an Ad for television. It involves excellent planning and contains good quality products that meet the minimum broadcast standards as set out by FreeTV Australia.

TV ads are often made in studios around the country where lighting and sound issues can be controlled. But TV ads are done in all sorts of places including outdoor environments and filming on exterior locations is common. Car commercials in Melbourne for example, are filmed on picturesque winding roads around the green hills of the Dandenongs or in the East Gippsland region. Your video producer can assist you with locations and the permit process as well.