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Make recruitment easier and Well-Crafted Videos

Video is the future and a well-crafted recruitment video does more than read out the job description. Video recruitment is about delivering that information as well as creating an initial connection between you and your candidates. It may be the first story they see in relation to your business and we know how important first impressions can be!

A creative recruitment video gives potential applicants insight into your work environment, ethos, and work life balance. This jumpstarts the relationship between the candidates who have engaged with the video and your company. They get a feel for your company, and you get to know you’re interviewing candidates who are aligned with you.


Why Invest in Recruitment Videos?

People are the foundation to your success and recruiting the best candidates within your industry is competitive! So what can a well-crafted, professionally produced recruitment video do for your business?

  1. Stand Out:

    When there’s ten jobs advertised but only one has a recruitment video, candidates are more likely to head to that job first.

  2. Engage:

    Candidates who are interested in the job are more likely to watch the whole video to find out about the company – weeding out the less interested.

  3. Reach:

    In terms of shareability and SEO, pages with videos do better. People send clips to those they think might be interested and search engines rank video content higher.

  4. Modern Employment:

    With so much of life online, letting your candidates know you’re fully involved in the integration of technology in the corporate world is a bonus.

  5. Communicate:

    Nuance gets lost in text but on video your employees get a chance to shine and communicate the ethos and culture of your company.

  6. Minimise Costs:

    With less spent on adverts, less time sifting through applications and interviews for less than ideal employees, and ultimately lowering employee turnover by attracting ideal candidates – recruitment videos save money in the short and long term.

  7. Connect:

    Newer graduates and early career candidates prefer video over text based media, so connect with the next generation of professionals with ease.

Recruitment Video Production Tips

If your Human Resources team is planning a video for your next recruitment drive, here are our top Recruitment Video Production tips and advice to help you attract the best candidates:

  1. Be authentic:

    The goal is to connect with your viewer. In order to attract your ideal candidate, you need to give the same energy you want to bring in – so be confident, friendly, and authentic.

  2. Make a good impression:

    Not everyone who sees your video will be your ideal candidate. By making a good impression on everyone – even those not suited to a current role – you boost your profile and foster good will.

  3. Focus on quality:

    Just having a video isn’t enough. If the script is awkward, audio hisses, or the camera jumps focus then it won’t matter how incredible the opportunity is – the message will be lost.

  4. Clarity is key:

    You want job seekers to apply at the end of the video, not be confused and need further information. Give clear details – the job, its responsibilities, the company itself, and how to apply with HR.

  5. Include subtitles:

    This is vital to any video you post online. Not only does it show you take the deaf and hard of hearing community into consideration, but it also helps people who are not in a position to play a video out loud!

  6. Length matters:

    People tend to watch about 90 seconds of video before switching off. Make sure your first 60 seconds are amazing and once you’ve got them interested give more detailed information.

A large portion of modern job seekers are visual learners. In a competitive landscape, the best time to showcase your business with recruiting videos is now.

Make recruitment easier and attract better talent.

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You want the best for your company and we want to create the best recruitment videos on the market. We take into consideration video quality, scripting, audio, voice overs, captivating B-roll, and the editing process – and make it all fit into the concepts and culture of your unique company and role.

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Recruitment Videos FAQs

Scripting, scene planning, filming, and editing: all the challenging things we take off your plate and excel at.

Creative industries are often competitive. So, while there is no official barrier to entry, the unofficial ones of experience and expertise make it harder to stand out in a crowd of highly experienced and talented video producers.

Between 3 and 5 minutes with the first ten seconds being crucial.

Authenticity, quality, clarity, and production polish. Understanding and conveying your job seekers wants and desires and knowing how your offer can meet these.

Video consistently shows to be more engaging, attention grabbing, and result in a higher rate of applications.

Information about the role, your company culture, real employees, and clear details about how to apply.

On your own website and social media, on job sites which allow an embedded video, YouTube, and social media job boards such as LinkedIn. Most of the main job recruiting websites now embrace recruitment videos as part of the job post. Some industry associations will share your posting also.

Great employees are attracted to and driven by organisations that believe what they believe. Be sure to demonstrate in your next creative recruitment strategy, why you exist and how you make a difference in the world. As Jim Collins wrote in his book Good to Great, “those who build great organizations make sure they have the right people on the bus”. Your next recruitment video might just be the ticket!