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Video has become a crucial communication tool for businesses both internally and externally. Different companies may take different approaches in their video productions. There are some general guidelines to apply for internal business video production to help ensure your employees are all rowing in the same direction.

The key benefits to internal communication videos and are:

  • Alignment across the organisation
  • Consistency of messaging
  • Employees are more productive when engaged in their work
  • Greater company-wide profitability
  • Innovative thinking and knowledge sharing
  • Improved staff retention
  • Low-cost of content distribution

Internal business production involves the organisation and all of its employees. It can be a meeting, training, announcement, or presentation.  These days, the corporate Intranet in many successful organisations is now more akin to a bespoke Netflix service than an encyclopedic library. 

 Note that you need to have focus points for the video production.

Here are a few focus points: 

  • Training videos
  • Introductory videos
  • Induction Videos
  • Videos that display the vision and values of the company
  • Company announcement videos and Executive messages
  • Meetings and presentations videos



How To Improve Internal Communications Strategy

You can enhance your internal communication strategy with videos in the following ways.

1. Employee onboarding:

You can use internal communication videos to take the onboarding process to another level. Videos will make the process less stressful for everyone involved, and the new hires can easily get familiar with the company culture. Importantly, every employee who commences with you receives the same, consistent message

2. Educating employees:

You can quickly educate employees through videos than you would in person. The educational videos may vary in length and material, but the constant fact is you will be able to save time and speed up the learning process. This has never been more important with more employees engaging in remote work.

3. Company news updates:

Your staff members can stay up to date with all the company news. It is easier for employees to watch a short video than read a long report. According to a Neilsen report, the average Australian watches 119 hours of videos in a month. Therefore, you may incorporate videos into your internal business communication strategy since your staff is probably already accustomed to receiving entertainment and information through videos

4. Simplifies information:

Videos can help simplify information, so it is good to incorporate them into your strategy. Most individuals are visual learners, and videos are a great way of delivering simplified internal communication.

5. Employees play a more active role:

You can grow an empowered and inclusive business by encouraging your staff to create videos. For instance, you could encourage team building where employees share knowledge tips on video and post them on a platform all company employees can access.

6. Connect employees:

Just as social media connects people, internal videos can too. Videos can help bridge any gaps in internal communication and improve employee engagement. Regular video updates ensure vital information is communicated on time, which saves time on meetings whenever new information is passed.

7. Improve company culture:

Your company culture has to be cultivated, and videos can help support your company culture. Ensure all employees have access to it and that it is more than a tool used for internal communication.

How Business Communication Production Works

Communication is a vital element for any business. Generally, communication follows a simple model where business information is relayed from the sender to the receiver, who gives feedback.

The process should be straightforward, depending on the approach your company takes. Typically, the CEO does most of the video speeches. However, project management could make the speech if it is for team building.  Internal subject matter experts as well as external presenters by invitation can add value to your comms messaging too.

When it comes to distribution, these videos can be streamed live or delayed for later viewing.  Staff can now choose to watch what they want, when they want, how they want.  Employee engagement now occurs on different devices and in different timezones.


Engage Employees With Internal Communications Videos

The easiest way to engage your staff is through video communication. The video production experts at Inspireworks can go over several communication ideas and help you narrow down on an efficient communication method with a communication plan in mind. We have excellent customer service and effective, safe, secure internal video communication. For more information, please call us today!

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Internal Communications Videos FAQs

Internal communication videos allow you to deliver messages to your employees, as you would have on a chat app, meeting or email.

There are different ways to use internal communication in videos, including internal marketing videos, health and safety demonstrations, internal newsletters, and interview staff members. But first, you need to have a communication plan then educate your staff on the video’s purpose.

The types of internal communication include onboarding, training, announcements & updates, and company-wide meetings.

Examples of internal communication include a message from the CEO, education & training, significant corporate changes announcement, and demonstrating a new software or process.

Evaluate your current internal communication strategy and use it to set realistic goals and deadlines. It is also vital to have a key metric that you will use to track your progress, select your internal communication tools, evaluate your progress then optimise the strategy.

How can a business ever really know the effectiveness of their internal communication video roll out? The great news is, there are many new and different ways to track your metrics across your corporate employee videos right now. Some content we produce is interactive, which improves memory retention and is measurable. We have a range of reporting methods that can demonstrate staff engagement, moving far beyond the basic metric of viewer count. Align your staff efficiently and effectively. Get in touch with Inspireworks today.

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