A good explainer video is a powerful tool for getting information across to viewers. These short but powerful explainer videos take core aspects of the topic (whether this is your service, manufactured product, or company training) and present them in an engaging and compelling way.

Whether you want animated or live-action – or a mix of both – high-quality online videos do a great job of connecting with the viewer.

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What is explainer
video animation?

If you choose an animated explainer video then the animation process itself is important. There are many styles of animation and choosing the right one can make or break the tone of your animated videos.

For example, you wouldn’t want an animated adorable-but-crazy egg discussing the benefits of a funeral specialist. For something serious like a funeral services provider, a good production company will present you with a number of tasteful options that make the topic easier to discuss.

Depending on your target audience – customer, client, or even employee – there is usually an animation style suited to you – no matter what your product or service is.

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Benefits of Explainer Videos
for Businesses

Inform and Provide Understanding
There are two steps in getting through to someone – informing them of the facts and getting them to understand those facts. An explainer video does both quickly and efficiently.

Brand Awareness Potential
By creating an explainer video that stands out from the crowd, those who are watching videos will remember the impact it had and carry that forward with them.

Social Media Shareability
Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay – and it’s where most of your clients spend (on average) over two and a half hours of their day! When your product explainer video is entertaining and easy to share you benefit from consumer-driven marketing – your target audience are boosting your signal for you!

Landing Page That Grabs Your Viewer’s Attention
Explainer and instructional videos are often specifically produced for a website or product landing page. With an explainer video, your viewer can see right away who you are and what you do in a way that makes them want to stay on the page and learn.

Save Them Time and Effort
The best way to secure a client is by you saving them time, effort, or money. The best explainer video will do at least two of these. Cut down their scroll time by giving them the information upfront, and save the effort by providing it all in one place in an engaging video – which in turn can increase your inbound sales.

Save You Time and Effort
By creating a great explainer video that covers the most common concerns, your content marketer has just made you an FAQ section your customers will engage with! This saves your staff from answering the same question over and over again, increasing their productivity and boosting conversion.

Upskill Your Whole Team
Instructional explainer videos can be used in the workplace to deliver simple training in an effective way, keeping your team engaged and learning.

Who Needs an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are used in a wide range of circumstances – products, about us spiels, training and upskilling are just a few.

Anyone with a product or service can benefit from having a great explainer video to help them connect with their customers. Similarly, any company looking to streamline their training or upskilling process can use them to save company and employee time.

There are many kinds of explainer and instructional videos out there, so finding the right one is a matter of contracting a great video production company.

Ready to Begin Creating Explainer Videos for Your Business?

The best video production companies create explainer videos that your viewers actually enjoy. When your audience improves their understanding and feels like you did a great job of providing it – everybody wins.

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Explainer Videos FAQs

The right length, high-quality animation, and well-written scripts.

Through animation, you can convey complicated concepts in your explainer videos in less time while boosting viewer understanding.

Explainer videos break down topics into easily watchable visual scenarios with voiceovers and scripts providing details.

During company training, upskilling, product pages, landing pages, and more!

2D Animation
3D Animation
Whiteboard Animation

When done correctly they are some of the most effective training, marketing, and conversion tools out there.

Between 60 and 90 seconds is ideal, but up to 2 minutes is acceptable if the situation calls for it.