Corporate events are a great opportunity for businesses to increase their brand awareness, brand engagement, and brand authority. They can be external (that appeal to prospects or clients) or internal, such as All-Staff Briefings and employee events, Internal events for employees typically celebrate milestones and acknowledge staff achievements. Whether you’re hosting a live event or a webinar, you achieve a great return on investment, especially when you optimise your event outreach. Filming your events and sharing with your target audience will help your company accrue the highest return on investment possible.

Inspireworks has been in service of Australia’s leading corporations and consultants in various industries spanning from real estate to science and technology. Our team of experienced and dedicated filming crew has helped us accumulate a portfolio steeped in diversity.

We’ve worked with countless companies to help them share their stories using video as the main mode of storytelling. Additionally, we work tirelessly to help companies increase their brand’s reach using their event videos.

Our strength in innovating has seen our company develop the full range of services you might need. From documenting your events in high-quality videos to live streaming the keynote speakers to your audience via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all the social platforms, you have a presence.

We are the premier event video production company in Australia. You can trust Inspireworks with all of your event video production needs.


Benefits Event Videos

In the past, the main (and sometimes only) method of documenting corporate events was photography. Granted, most companies used professional photographers, ensuring they got high-quality photos covering these events.

However, professional event video production enables companies to document their event using a medium that captures the life and colour of the event. Additionally, this method of documenting your events has numerous benefits, including:

1. Create Easy-To-Share Content

Videos and photos are easy to share. Moreover, people love watching videos far more than reading press releases. Additionally, videos are easy to share among friends, families, and contacts.

2. Brand Awareness

The content you derive from event video production is great for marketing and creating brand awareness. You can provide the media with videos and stills, which yield far better results than traditional press releases.

3. Reach Out To A Bigger Audience

Sharing your content with the audience who couldn’t make it to your event in person allows you to reach a bigger audience. Additionally, you can reach out to a wider audience by sharing the content across all of your social media platforms, helping you to share your message with a wider audience.

4. Create Event Longevity And Preserve Company History

Document your company’s event for posterity. A video archive of the various live and virtual events your company has held will help preserve its history and explain its progress through the years.

5. Event Videos Are Content You Can Repurpose

You can repurpose the content into different formats and for different uses. For instance, you can create blogs and articles based on the videos. You could create podcasts to distribute to your podcast audience. Finally, you can repurpose the videos to create content and still images for social media marketing.

6. Use The Event Video To Promote Any Up-Coming Events

Content from previous events is a great marketing tool to promote any upcoming event you might have. Rather than using stock videos that don’t encapsulate your brand, you can use videos of previous events to draw attention to upcoming events, increase interest in the event, and ultimately increase attendance and engagement.

7. Affordable

Given that you can repurpose the content for marketing, for creating additional content, and as a training tool, recording your live event turns out to be an affordable endeavour. Moreover, at Inspireworks, we offer affordable event video production services, ensuring you can achieve a good return on investment.

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How Event Video Production Works

Our event video production is a multi-process that we’ve optimised to produce the highest return on investment for our clients while guaranteeing high-quality videos. These processes involve:

  • Enquiry
  • Pre-Production
  • Feedback And Review
  • Post-Production
  • Delivery

We consult our clients at every stage of the process to ensure they end with highly customised videos that meet their needs while exceeding their expectations on the quality front.

Video Production Services For Events And Conferences

Event videos are a powerful tool for your company’s marketing department. We can help you ensure this tool is effective and gets the job done. Whether you want to document the event for posterity or use the video for marketing, Inspireworks will help you meet your event video production objectives.

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Events Videos FAQs

The most effective way of creating event videos is to hire a professional and experienced crew of event video producers such as Inspireworks. A dedicated crew will focus on documenting everything and capturing your event from all angles while you focus on hosting the event.

The best way to promote your event video is on social media. Social media platforms make it easy to share your content with your audience while enhancing your engagement with your audience.

Like creating event videos, creating event video highlights is a specialised job that the team can handle for you. Whether you will use the highlight video as a promotional video or for sharing on social media, we’ll create bespoke highlight videos that meet your needs.

Every project is unique. Consequently, it necessitates creating a custom quote. Contact Inspireworks for your custom quote today.

To make a video highlight, simply choose the right music and add special effects to it. You can also create your own sound or voiceover for an even more personalised feel. A video highlights package will showcase the very best moments of your event for those who could not attend.