A Message for Now

Inspireworks - Videography Melbourne, Jonathan Zoch

Like many, you have probably gone through massive changes this year.

Maybe you have had to quickly shift to remote working arrangements.

Or manage the effect of yo-yo-ing restrictions on your business, leaving operations uncertain.

And you are constantly being bombarded with dire news that is hard to switch off.

So, with the future is up in the air, how do you make the most of now?

Combat the negative

It’s easy to get caught up in everything going on but remember: you are in control of your business narrative.

Instead of getting too immersed in doom and gloom, shine a light of hope and resilience.

Break the cycle of negativity and show the world you see the glass as being half-full.

Tell stories that align remote teams and energise your people.

Send out messages that give people confidence.

Define your communications so they refocus your core objectives, helping your clients or customers not get lost in the heavier impacts of change.

Get people excited. Reinforce that their interests are a priority. Provide information that alleviates concern and offers hope.

Create opportunities. Demonstrate thought leadership. Illustrate your values. Show the world what you stand for and how you will help your clients navigate uncertain times.

And, most importantly, show consideration.

Positive communications will bring your business together in the most challenging of circumstances.

All you have to do is flip the narrative.

Redefine your goals

So, you want to get people excited about your business.

But each day brings something different and can be wildly unpredictable.

How can you inspire hope in others when the future is so unclear?

Narrowing your line of sight can widen the opportunities you create for your people.

The changes we are experiencing affect people on a human level. Many are worried about their jobs, their wellbeing, their loved ones.

How can you offer the support people need to navigate the next few months, and assure them that you are taking the right steps and have their best interests at heart?

Bring your people along on the journey and make them feel safe and secure about the future by redefining your goals to reflect the needs of your workforce.

How can stories help?

There are many forces at play that are outside of your control.

But you can control how you approach change and move your business forward.

Stories help you combat the negative, so demonstrate the changes you are making.

Positive stories like this bring people along with you, offering assurance in uncertain times.

And most of all, stories help your business stay present. When you take control of the present, you create opportunities for the future.

Want to tell better stories? Get in touch to find out more.