Although interactive video is quite a new trend in content production, it’s catching on fast. The words virtual reality or augmented reality might call to mind enormous headsets or futuristic holograms, but in fact, it’s easily accessible with just a smartphone.

Many people already use elements of virtual and augmented reality video in their daily lives, such as 360° video on Facebook or filters on Snapchat. Now, many businesses are beginning to discover the benefits of interactive technologies for education, promotion, and entertainment.

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Virtual Reality (VR) involves using new technologies such as 360° video to allow users to participate in a video world, rather than just watching it. Augmented Reality (AR) is a way of adding digital content, such as animations, filters, 3D models, to the real world.

With VR video, viewers are brought into the digital world and can not only see content but move within the world to get different perspectives. AR video creates a mixed reality experience by blending digital content with the real world.

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Benefits of Using Virtual Videos for
Your Business

Virtual videos are a great way to help consumers understand your business or brand. Both VR and AR put the viewer at the centre, and involving them in your video content creates a unique and immersive experience that is:

From walking amongst dinosaurs or swimming with deep-sea creatures, to recognising the warning signs of a natural disaster or treating a medical condition, virtual or augmented reality is a great way to help viewers understand and experience both real and hypothetical situations.

Many aspects of virtual and augmented reality can help the viewer to understand your products or services better, for example, virtual dressing rooms that allow customers to “try on” clothes, or 3D images which show how products will look in the real world.

VR and AR can be used to build interactive entertainment experiences, for example, a choose-your-own-adventure story where effects are triggered by the viewer’s choices or movements. 

Virtual or augmented reality can be used to bridge the gap in situations where social interaction is important, but temporarily compromised, for example in therapeutic sessions, or to help remote teams to collaborate in digital spaces.

Experiencing virtual or augmented reality is a novel experience for many. Even simple videos can create memorable moments, which helps your brand remain front of mind.

Ways Your Business Can
Use VR Videos

When it comes to virtual reality, the only limit is your imagination. Businesses can use this exciting technology to attract and engage customers, improve operations, and promote their products and services.

Here are just a few examples of ways that businesses can use VR videos:

  • Product showcases
  • Virtual service experiences
  • Training and education
  • Product testing
  • Interactive advertising
  • Entertainment

VR is Great for

There’s no doubt that people love virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. With so many benefits to both businesses and consumers, these technologies are continuing to grow in popularity. Although we don’t know what advancements will arrive in years to come, one thing is for sure: the future is virtual!

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Interactive Videos FAQs

A virtual reality video is a simulated experience where the viewer is immersed at the centre of the video, and the video continues in a 360-degree field of view around them.

Virtual reality videos are everywhere! Simply search for VR or 360 videos on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Steam, or Oculus. Some of these can be viewed on any mobile device, whilst others may require a VR headset.

Most virtual reality videos are made with a 360° camera, which is able to capture footage from every direction.

The planning and production process of creating virtual reality videos is complex due to the specialist equipment required, so we recommend using a professional video production company to ensure that your VR video is of the highest quality.

Interactive videos include elements that encourage the user to influence the virtual environment or storyline, for example, events that are triggered when a user completes a certain action, or tools that allow them to change elements such as scenes, colours, or the perspective of the video.

See some of the best examples of interactive videos here.

Most interactive videos aim to immerse the viewers in an otherworldly experience by using a combination of high-quality video, sensory prompts such as sights and sounds, and the feeling of movement, like flying or riding a rollercoaster.

A good interactive video invites the user to explore the virtual world, gives them the opportunity to make decisions that influence the environment around them, and leaves them feeling inspired and in awe.