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For over 21 years we’ve been a video production partner to some of Australia’s most influential companies in consulting, utilities, construction, science and technology.  

But that’s not where we started…

“I remember feeling incredibly inspired by a series on saw on the ABC at age 8.  Mum asked if I wanted to write to the author and I did” said Jonathan Zoch, founder and director of Inspireworks. 

 What happened next would change his life forever.  “When you’re a child, you don’t expect to receive such a personalised, sincere and heartfelt response”.  The show was an Australian classic called “I can jump puddles” and it’s author – famous Australian writer,  Alan Marshall.  Two short years after the date of the letter, Mr Marshall passed away.  But his impact would live with Jonathan for the rest of his life. You can read the letter here.

 With this passion for storytelling and after completing a year-long course in Video Production, Jonathan had a dream.  And it began with officially with the registration of the business name and domain name for Inspireworks on the 11th March, 1999.  


After two years of crewing with a Melbourne-based crewing agency, our network and reputation was establishing.  Our very first projects were freelance filming assignments for brands such as Coles and Hocking Stuart and even Ansett Australia until the end.

“I loved filming, but was never fully satisfied with purely a technical role.  It took me some time to realise that by handing over the tapes, I was not seeing through the vision for the project” Jonathan said.  “It left me lacking fulfillment knowing that I loved the storytelling process and the missing ingredient was not seeing the story develop to its full potential”.

Jonathan partnered with Magic Sound Company, a sound design studio, to win a contract with Village Roadshow to produce television commercials to promote a suite of feature film releases for the film distributor.

By 2006, Inspireworks had employed a small team as it’s corporate clientele grew through word-of-mouth.  In 2009 – 2012, Inspireworks was acquired by the Just Magazines and Hunterfive group of companies, producing hundreds of automotive programs and a host of other, much loved digital stories.   In 2013, Jonathan became the sole director once more and reverted the company back to it’s corporate storytelling origins whilst also extending the company’s reach to be Australia-wide.  “Our team and partnering suppliers quickly grew, enabling quick turnaround times for projects from Perth, Adelaide Cairns to Hobart and everywhere in between!”

Jonathan knew that the ability to have a remote workforce was as important as ever and became one of the first production studios to develop a highly skilled, highly aligned team in different parts of the globe.  “We were no longer confined to finding a specific person that understood our values, had a specific skill set and lived within a 20 km radius from us”.  Many businesses define offshoring as finding the cheapest workforce.  But Jonathan has a different view.  “It’s about finding the best quality people that align with your way of thinking and work ethic”.  “Values, attitude and commitment come first.  Cost is secondary”.


Building a system and business model in this way has meant that the business was well setup for remote working and to provide advice to others during the 2020 covid crisis.

In 2019 the company celebrated its 20th year since inception.  “We love what we do – more than ever” said Jonathan. “ That passion and experience is at your disposal as your media production partner”.

In 2020, Jonathan established the Group, “Corporate Storytellers Australia” as a free resource to business professionals wishing to enhance their storytelling skills and inspire others during difficult times.

“Despite the crazy year that has been bought about by the pandemic, I remain optimistic for the future and believe that as Australians, we can adapt to the new economy” he said.  “Our next chapter is yet to be written and believe our time to write it is now”.

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Inspireworks Humble Beginnings

Inspireworks - Videography Melbourne -humble beggings
Inspireworks - Videography Melbourne -humble beggings
Inspireworks - Videography Melbourne -humble beggings
Inspireworks - Videography Melbourne -humble beggings
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